Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome to One More Slice!

This blog has had an early birth. I had not even planned on marketing myself until after I complete my Pastry Diploma. However, recent events have dictated that I need not be shy and to jump start my career as a pastry chef! I may have only graduated from Basic Pastry, but I have gained a plethora of knowledge in all things dessert.

Let me begin my tale as to how my little business has begun. Two weekends ago I decided to practice Black Forest Cake for my exam, since it posed many challenges - even layer cutting, even cream distribution between layers, and most importantly - smooth masking. Having had so much cake pass through my house over the last 3 months, I decided to give the cake to my dad, where it would (hopefully) be devoured in the break room.

But this cake was destined for greater things! At the suggestion of my dad's assistant, the cake was put into an auction to raise money for the United Way. Approximately $60 in raffle tickets were sold. The winner, as I understand it, recently had a birthday party for her son, so had no need for another cake. She generously donated the cake to the afternoon treat tray, where it made another $30 in individual slices. I was speechless that my little practice cake raised $90!

This spawned the idea that I could see this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - make some extra pocket change and hone my skills in the process.

Each post will contain a picture of the cakes I have to offer, each with pictures, ingredients list, and price. Some cakes can have their flavours and ingredients customized to accompany personal taste and allergies!

I deliver to the Ottawa area only. E-mails and phone calls are always welcome.

Edited on April 12, 2010:

Originally this blog filled the need for a website, which I have now have - Tastes Like More. All my cakes and tarts can be seen over there. This blog will be used to talk about baking, cooking, and the Ottawa food scene. It's all fun over here, no business :).