Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crazy Mad Hatter tea party bridal shower cake!

Wow, what a mouthful of a title! This cake was done about a month ago, and is my first proper tiered fondant cake. I spent a long time planning it out and made sure that I was organized enough to execute all my ideas properly (something I had struggled with in the past). It's funny though, sometimes you will be faced with a challenge and a totally different solution will present itself and you'll realize that it is much better! What I mean by this is originally I wanted to create a few large fondant roses to go on top of the cake, but I was having trouble creating them as my mind saw them. Instead I made a stack of small roses and leaves to give the illusion of a full potted plant, if that makes sense! I hoped to make it taller, but I have ideas as to how I can do that for next time. Every cake is a learning curve!

I'm quite surprised that I'm so pleased with this cake. As a "tortured artist" I'm never quite satisfied with my work, whether it be a cake, drawing, or a musical piece I'm composing. It's a really great feeling knowing that you accomplished what you set out to do and executed it well.


Marysol said...

That is a beautiful cake! I follow cake blogs and that should be featured!!

Do you know cake wrecks? You should look it up to have a good cake laugh.

Tastes Like More said...

Thank you so much! :D I have heard of cake wrecks and it's quite fantastic, haha!

Roz said...

Oh my goodness, that is really my kind of cake! I love anything vagualy Alice in Wonderland related, and that is wonderful. I like all the colourful detail!

Thanks for your very lovely comment, it was much appreciated.


curtis03 Lewis said...

Wow!! Your hatter tea party bridal shower is amazing. The cake looks so fabulous. Planning to arrange my sister’s bridal shower at one of Los Angeles wedding venues. Will surely have this hatter themed bridal shower. Thanks for sharing them here.