Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day... and puppies!

A bit overdue, but here they are! My one big Valentine's Day cookie order. I really love decorating cookies. First of all they're easy to do, and you can have so much designing them. Royal icing is my best friend. I still need to work on my piping skills, but slowly but surely I'm getting better. I had loads of fun making these, and I received a lovely e-mail from the woman that I made them for, so I was satisfied :).

pr0n cookie!

As a pastry chef, Valentine's Day is a hoot because of all the cute things you can do for the shop - Linzer heart cookies, meringue hearts, chocolate pate hearts, pink macarons, etc. As a day I'm not a huge fan - I try to show those whom I love how much I love them on a ongoing basis, so I feel like having one to "prove" your love is a little silly. However, were I to pick a Valentine, it wouldn't be my boyfriend...

It would be this little guy, Wally!

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